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YXV Affinity 20 SEER Variable Speed Split AC

The Affinity™ Series YXV variable capacity air conditioners are the outdoor section of a high efficiency communicating cooling system. They are designed as part of a matched system using an AVV air handler or variable speed communicating furnace with a CM coil. Both the matched CM coil and AVV air handler have factory mounted EEVs. The CM coils with factory mounted EEVs can also be matched with the variable speed MVC modular air handlers.

  • Variable Capacity Inverter Controlled Scroll Compressor Constantly monitors and dynamically adjusts system capacity in precise increments as necessary to closely meet the comfort demands of the conditioned space.
  • Communications Capable Requiring only 3 thermostat wires between the outdoor and indoor units' the communicating system provides self-commissioning on start-up as well as the ability to check system status at the outdoor unit' thermostat' or remotely using the designated App.
  • Advanced System Control The proprietary wi-fi Hx™ thermostat interface is an integral part of this innovative system design. Using the Consumer App' consumers can monitor and adjust their system from anywhere in the world using a smart device.
  • EEV Controls All indoor coils' whether in the cased CM coil or in the AVV air handler' have factory installed EEVs (Electronic Expansion Valves).
  • Charge Assurance™ A built-in touch screen instantly displays the system overall condition' including the system pressures and refrigerant charge without the need to attach additional gauges or sensors.
  • QuietDrive™ System Features a combination of engineered' sound-neutralizing attributes such as a swept-wing fan blade' composite base pan' multi-density compressor cloak and variable capacity operation to reduce sound levels to that of a mere conversation.
  • ECM Fan Motor Dynamically adjusts speed in sync with the compressor demand to keep heat exchange in balance while minimizing power consumption and sound.
MODELCooling Cap.
Charge Oz.
Line SizeDimensions
Weight Lbs.
YXV24B21S24.0 19.3 120 3/8-3/4 40.25x35.5x32 194
YXV36B21S36.0 19.0 118 3/8-3/4 40.25x35.5x32 205
YXV48B21S48.0 19.5 233 3/8-7/8 43.25x38.25x34.5 264
YXV60B21S60.0 20.0 241 3/8-7/8 43.25x38.25x34.5 270

Warranty Information

  • All Parts for 120 months -
  • Compressor - Limited Lifetime
  • Limited Labor for 12 months -

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